Saturday, June 19, 2010

Messy messy

Dinner prepping, ready set, start assembly.

Featuring whole wheat flatbread as my pizza base. I had an idea to use these flatbreads to make a pizza. I took a flat bread and layered the ingredients on top and then put another one on top of that. I was going to then to cut it into wedges.

Well that initial idea turned into this, it didn't go as planned. First I had more ingredients then I had flatbread, so I decided to use some Great Harvest flax nine grain bread also, since it was getting old. I then got carried away with the ingredients and used too much stuff and also cut everything to thick.

The end result was tasty but messy. You definitely needed a napkin or two.

In the pizza was:
Tj's sun dried tomato chicken sausage
Tj's eggplant and red pepper spread
shredded carrots
sun dried tomatoes
red onion
roasted red pepper
spices: garlic and oregano and fresh basil and lemon thyme

This why it was a mess.

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  1. Ok, I want one of those pizzas! Yum