Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Who knew so much preparation could go into camping. Well Jeff is the camping master so it is a whole production, which you will see in the next few days. It could be pure comedy so be sure to check in. With all the craziness of today and all the running around I needed a little help from Tj's tonight. I used their chicken skewers and baked them in the oven along with some quinoa.

In the quinoa I added some diced carrots and zucchini along with some pesto, sun dried tomatoes, herbs, and a sprinkle of feta on top.

Today's test batch of granola turned out perfect. I think I might have found my winning recipe, we will have to see after I get my feedback from the testers.

All packaged up in it's new packaging.
This one is the large size, it also comes in a smaller size.

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  1. yum...i love tj's foods. and the granola looks great. have fun camping!