Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Calories on the menu

After the gym I headed over to Panera bread which is right across the street.

I got the Mediterranean veggie on multi grain bread with turkey for some added protein. They have changed their turkey and this one was not the best quality, and I'm very particular when I eat meat. So I probably wont be getting the turkey again. I usually get a cup of their low fat vegan black bean soup, but when I was ordering I decided not to. But of course once I left I regretted that decision because then I wanted some. Isn't that how it always happens.

It had hummus, cucumbers, lettuce, feta, pimento peppers, and tomato. I also noticed that they put their calories on the menu now. They have calories for a half sandwich and a full sandwich. My sandwich was 310 calories, I knew that mine was healthy just by the ingredients on it. But for most people who have a hard time figuring what the best choices are when eating out I think the calories on the menu really help. So great job Panera for setting an example and giving people the information they need to make healthy choices.

My sandwich also came with a small apple.


  1. I think its great when the nutritional information is available. Its scary how high some menu items can be! Hope you're having a nice night

  2. Just with a brief glance at the menu a lot of the items were pretty reasonable. But some items were around 1,000 calories or more.