Thursday, May 20, 2010

Upper body challenge continues

I had this coconut cream pie Larabar today, it was really good. I like to keep my Larabars in the fridge so they are firmer when I eat them, instead of being so soft. Try it, it's really good.

I was planning on going to the gym today after work. But my motivation to go their just wasn't there today. I was motivated to workout as usual, but the gym air conditioner isn't working and it's been so muggy in there. So instead I came home and worked out. That's the great thing about having a gym at home.

Today was a circuit bootcamp style workout.

Circuit 1: 15 min. on the spinning bike followed by the upper body challenge working chest, back, and shoulders.

Circuit 2: 15 min. of insanity, I call this the turbo portion of the workout. It's 15min. of all out endurance.

Circuit 3: Biceps and triceps followed by 25 min. on the spinning bike

Circuit 4: 10 min. of yoga and stretching.

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