Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple and delicious

Some nights you just need an easy simple dinner.

Gardenburger with two egg whites on top, topped with some dill pickles.

Topped with some lettuce and a dollop of hummus.

Also a cup of Tj's roasted red pepper and tomato soup with some crushed up tortilla chips on top.
Simple and delicious!


  1. Ohh I never though to top a garden burger with some egg whites - what a great idea! That looks delish!

  2. Pickles on eggs? I may need to try this deliciousness. I agree- quick dinners are so necessary most week nights :)

  3. okay, I love garden burgers but I've never thought to put egg whites on them! I bet that's good! Not sure about the pickles though... but that's probably because I am not a fan of dill pickles. In our apartment, it's always about the quick & easy dinner during the week!