Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mix and add

I mixed a lot of different flavors to create the perfect mix of ingredients

I started with chopped carrots, red onion, and red bell pepper.
I added 1 TB. pesto, 1 TB. Newman's light balsamic vinaigrette, and juice of 1 and 1/2 lemons.
I also added 1 tsp. each of french onion soup mix, dill, and Italian seasonings, along with some pepper.
I also mixed in 3 TB. Tj's sweet relish
(I use Tj's because it doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup and it's a lot lower in sugar then other sweet relishes)
3 TB. Tj's red pepper and artichoke tapenade (I love how versatile this stuff is)

1 can each of wild Alaskan salmon and Albacore tuna
Whole wheat orzo and shell pasta

I mixed the warm pasta with the cold salmon/tuna and veggies to create a slightly warm pasta salad.

Served along with some roasted asparagus and half of a great harvest whole wheat roll with
some raw honey.

Everything was so good, but the asparagus was slightly over cooked.

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  1. Looks delicious!! Thanks for the recipe :)