Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Strick a pose theres nothing to it

Did you recognize the post title?

It's Madonna, vogue, and that's what I did.

Getting ready to go to dancers workout and turbo kickboxing

I hate the way my arms look in photographs. I have pretty nice toned muscles, but in photographs I don't like them. I also need a faux tan to get rid of the winter pale.

Is their a body part that you hate being photographed?

I'm bundled up and ready to get to class. I wanna get their early and warm up on the elliptical and do some stretching.


  1. I LOVE Turbo Kick class. The only time I can make it to one is at noon on Sunday mornings - I like it so much I've even gone hung over ;)

  2. It is my favorite class and the instructor is hard core. She really makes you work.