Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stand up straight

Today at the gym I did some heavy resistance training working upper body, and then I did 40 min. on the stairs doing intervals at a very intense speed. I didn't know I could even move that fast or work that hard. I always try to push the limit and increase my workouts each time whether it's resistance training, cardio, or kickboxing.

Just a tip and a pet peeve to rant about. If you are doing cardio, do not lean all over the machine because you are tired. Stand up straight and pace it out, your there to work. When you lean all over the machine you are not working as hard, not working your whole body, not burning as many calories, and will not get the results. But if you stand up straight, use your legs and core muscles (abs and lower back); you will have to work harder, but you will burn more calories and work more parts of your body.

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