Tuesday, April 13, 2010

making living healthy a priority

I planned on taking a rest day today from working out, due to an impromptu meeting. But I was feeling stressed and frustrated when I got home. So I decided a workout would be the best thing to put me back into a positive attitude. I worked out for an hour doing a little bit of everything in an intense bootcamp style workout. The goal was to keep my heart rate up, do whatever I wanted to do, and work my whole body. Well I succeeded.

After working out I had very little time to make dinner, so I decided to make soup. I love soup because you can thow everything into a pot and usually make a quick easy meal.

I used one box of Tj's tomato and roasted red pepper soup as the base. I added 1 can garbanzo beans and 1 cup whole wheat pearl shaped pasta, along with 2 cups water. I also added 1/2 cup diced tomatoes, diced carrots and red peppers, Tj's basil chicken sausage, spices, and frozen spinach straight from the freezer. The spinach worked great. I have never done that before and it worked so good I'm going to try it in other recipes, such as spaghetti sauce.

The soup was so good, especially with the added frozen spinach.

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