Thursday, April 29, 2010

A day of errands and shopping

At the gym I tried out the rough draft of my 30 day upper body challenge. I'm going to be sore tomorrow that's for sure. Details about the challenge are coming this weekend. At the gym today I started with 10min. on the spinning bike followed by upper body resistance training and then finished with 30 min. on the torcher stairs. I was dying but the musi,c and the fact that I wanted a great workout kept me moving at a fast speed.

Once I showered and got ready I went just down the road to Whole Foods. They had my favorite soup today, spinach lentil. I love it, it's so yummy and good for you. It had lentils, spinach, carrots, onion, tomato, and celery in it.

I also stopped at the mall to pick up a few things for myself and for Jeff. Since I was at the mall I knew I had to swing into Teavana and purchase some tea to take home, along with something to drink. To drink I got superfruit green tea which had dried apples, raspberries, coconut, and pineapple. It was really good. To take home I got frutto bianco, it's a white tea but I can't remember what else was in it, something fruity.

I also had some gift certificates from my birthday 3 months ago to spend, so I got some makeup since I have been looking pale. I got some eye shadow for spring, bronzer powder, and some black eyeliner since I'm about to run out. I'm a huge fan of MAC cosmetics and that's the only makeup I wear.


  1. Yay Stacey! Glad to see you adding more to your MAC collection! :) Photo shoot of new look?!

  2. If you only saw my collection, it's out of control. But I'm much better then I used to be. I'm sure you will see me looking tanner in the next few days.

    I think the eye shadow might be the same one you just got?

  3. A few products from the same line, loves it!