Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bunny grahams are made for today

First stop was at Starbucks where I got a short (kids size) soy latte. I only drank half of this, it was cold after my next stop at Whole Foods.

What I picked up at Whole Foods (you can click to enlarge also)
some bulk items, mushrooms, raw local honey (to refill my honey bear), blackberry applesauce, Julies vanilla bean frozen yogurt, Enjoy life very berry granola, Yogi granola crisps in strawberry and blueberry, Siggi's yogurt in blueberry and vanilla (it was on sale), organic valley non fat milk, herbal peach tea, Annie's bunny grahams (since it's Easter), and kiwi's.

I put out a little bowl of bunny grahams for Jeff and I to snack on today.

I made a cup of Tazo Zen green tea when I got home to enjoy. I got a little hat hair going on also. Now it's time to have some lunch and make some granola, yum.

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