Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Banana chia oats

Banana chia oats ingredients
peach all fruit spread, chia seeds, spice n nice, banana, and homemade chocolate pb granola.

1/3 of a banana that I warmed up for 25 sec.

Oats before toppings
1/4 cup quick cook oatmeal
2 TB. spice n nice
1/4 water
3 TB. soymilk
1 tsp. chia seeds
mix together

chocolate homemade granola and peach all fruit spread
Served with scrambled egg whites and Mighty Leaf green tea tropical.


  1. Chocolate Homemade Granola sounds yummy! I'm going through a big oatmeal kick right now too. Some of my favourite toppings are bananas, peanut butter and flax seeds.

  2. You should try chia seeds. They add a lot of nutrients and add a great texture to the oats.