Friday, March 26, 2010

Yummy variety of delicious healthy food

Mid morning snack was 1/2 a cup of low fat cottage cheese with cinnamon and a drizzle of raw honey, some chopped up strawberries, and Kashi whole wheat biscuits.

Lunch was an orange (I ate half of it and had half later), and 1/2 of a sandwich on Great Harvest nine grain bread, with turkey, hummus, red peppers, and spinach.

I snacked on this delicious Larabar before heading to the gym. I love this flavor, it has unsweetened coconut in it.

After I finished at the gym today I headed over to my favorite place Whole Foods and picked up some dinner for myself. Jeff's not home this evening so I picked up a salad from the salad bar. I will be enjoying this later for dinner.

It's a mix of :
mixed greens
shredded carrots
shredded broccoli
red onion
red bell pepper
soy nuts
hemp seeds
vegan Parmesan
1 falafel patty

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