Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I use Bob's Red Mill products

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, a distinctive stone grinding miller of whole grains, was founded in 1978 with the mission of moving people back to the basics with healthy whole grains, high-fiber and complex carbohydrates. Bob’s Red Mill offers a diverse line of all natural, organic and gluten-free flours, cereals, meals and mixes for pancakes, breads and soups, with more than 300 products available throughout the U.S. and Canada. With its dedicated gluten-free manufacturing facility and strict organic protocols, the company has emerged as a leader in providing safe and delicious natural, organic and gluten-free products.

Why I use a lot of Bob's Red Mill products everyday.
1. I absolutely love their oatmeal and hot cereal's
2. Their main operation is a few miles from my house
3. They stone mill all of their products, so it's not being over processed.
4. They buy all their raw ingredients from farmers throughout the United States and Canada.
5. Their products are not genetically modified
6. They do not use additives or preservatives.
(This is a big reason why I use their products)

7. They have the widest variety of flours, seeds, nuts, grains, and rice.
8. They have really reasonable prices for the high quality that you are getting.

Bob's also received the highly coveted Golden Spurtle trophy and won the title of World Porridge Making Champion last year. No one in the United States had ever won these two awards before.

Mostly it's just really good, you should give it a try.


  1. Remember Bob's was on Roethe Rd. and burned down when we were kids! they came back better then ever after that...I think the ins. money helped!

  2. Bob's started in a little red mill that burnt down. They picked themselves up, and I believe they were in their 50's at the time, and started over bigger and better.

    Bob and his wife recently sold their company, to of all people their own employees. They're great. it's a local company to be proud of.