Thursday, March 25, 2010

We got a barbecue

You know when sometimes you think you have such a great idea, and plan for dinner, and you spend a long time prepping for dinner. Than that dinner falls short of your expectations and your left disappointed. Well that was tonight. We just bought this fancy big barbecue/smoker/grill. We bought this two months ago and it's been on back order. We just got it yesterday and were going to grill chicken on it tonight. That turned into a production, cooking with Jeff is always a production. There's recipe's, the prefect ingredients, bowls for everything, a huge mess in the kitchen. Tonight was no exception, he started prepping for dinner two hours before.

We cooked chicken tenders and than Jeff also smoked them.

We also grilled some zucchini

Jeff had some leftover cornbread, I had half of one

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