Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My motto

This is the "after I just got my butt kicked in kickboxing class today" look. Wow Danielle was going on vacation and she won't be able to work out, so she wanted to really make today count, and she did. It was an awesome class, I love working really hard and putting everything you have into the workout. That's always been my motto, when your working out, for that dedicated time you should work to your max. If you put everything you have into the workout than you will get the results. If you wonder around and barely break a sweat, your not going to get the results you want.


  1. So how many calories do you think you burn in your class?

  2. Danielle has worn her body bug to class before and it said about 900 calories. she also teaches step and shadow box, two other classes and said the kickboxing and dancers workout combined burns way more than the other two she teaches. But you are also working every muscle in the body especially the legs and abs.