Monday, March 29, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

For my mid morning snack I had some Greek blueberry yogurt, mixed with some strawberries, plain granola, and 2 TB. lemon Wallaby's yogurt mixed in. The lemon yogurt was good, but it was over powering the blueberry.

I had a delicious half sandwich on whole wheat nine grain bread. It had some roasted chicken from the other other night. I also added spinach, laughing cow cheese, peach all fruit spread, and some caramelized onions.

I forgot I also had a little cup of pear sauce for my fruit.


  1. You make some really interesting sandwich combo's that I'd never thought of before, but they sound great. I would have never thought of peaches and chicken, but why not?

  2. It is good. After making it I thought strawberries or strawberry fruit spread would have been good.