Monday, March 29, 2010

Wow that was a workout

I just had such a good sweaty tough workout. Those are the best, even though that's pretty much my usual. There is the occasional one that take it to a whole new level.

I started with a 10 min. warm up on the spinning bike. After that I started my full body bootcamp butt kicking workout. I did a little bit of everything from kickboxing moves, plyometrics, and every variety of squats, planks, and pushups. I worked all of my muscles, but in a non traditional way, and used only my own body as resistance. My abs, legs, and arms were burning. I finished with 35 min. back on the spinning bike.

I also did a bunch of stretching afterwards. Always remember to stretch after every workout no matter what you are doing. You muscles get tight and you want to stretch and lengthen them again. If you don't you will pay for it later down the road.

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