Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun workout day

A little later this morning I will be heading to Wednesday dancers workout and kickboxing. I love Wednesday's, they're the funnest workout's.

Here's the description for both classes from 24 hr. Fitness's website.

Dancer's workout
(which they have changed the name a few times. Danielle pretty much teaches what she wants. She adds in a lot of ballet movements also.

24Pilates Fusion:

Fitness and Pilates classes unite in this contemporary toning workout comprised of exercises that are based on traditional dance and Pilates movements. You'll experience both standing and floor exercises that focus on stability, balance, and core strength for a complete full-body workout!


Turbo Kickbox

Learn kickboxing skills choreographed to energizing music. Using no equipment, this kickboxing workout incorporates a number of upper body punches and lower body kicks. Most suitable to participants of medium to high fitness levels, but newcomers are always welcome – just let your kickboxing class instructor know.

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