Monday, February 22, 2010

Early morning get the body moving workout

Today I got up early and worked out before work. I started my workout at 4am and finished at 5:15am. I did 20min. on the spinning bike and than did some leg and ab exercises. I alternated sets of jumping jacks in between each exercise to keep the heart rate up. That's called interval training, doing quick bursts of energy exercises. It raise the heart rate and burns more calories. After my resistance training I did 25 more min. on the spinning bike.

I like to keep my body guessing and change up my workouts every time. I never do the same exercises and I change the amount of weight, reps, our routine each time. It's all about switching up your workout and challenging different muscles and body parts.

That's why I do a mix of everything. Every 6 weeks I completely change my workout style and do something different, like right now I've added back in running to my workouts and will continue with the running until September when the weather changes. Each time I run I always change my route or the length of my run.

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