Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Breakfast oaties

Oatmeal with a little bit of everything good
1/3 cup oatmeal
splash soymilk
dash cinnamon
dollop apricot applesauce
1/3 of a very small banana mashed up
1 tsp. chia seeds
sprinkle of unsweetened coconut
sprinkle of walnut spice granola for crunch, texture, and deliciousness

*I'm fueling up before my 2hr workout. I have dancers workout (ballet and pilates exercises) and kickboxing this morning.
Check back later today, I'm stocking up the fridge and pantry and making a trip to Trader Joes and Bob's red mill. The main headquarters for Bob's is close to my house and they have a very large store. I'm going to go stock up on some much needed supplies.



    Here's a link that talks about the health benefits of chia seeds. They are similar to flax seeds but softer and healthier.

  2. Chia is a great source for OMEGA 3!
    Chia Seed is also a wonderful source of:
    OMEGA 6, Fiber, Protein & Antioxidants!

  3. They sound great. Where can you get them in the Portland area? I'd like to try them.

  4. I just saw some at Bob's red mill yesterday and they were even on sale. They are located next to the flax seeds. They look like black sesame seeds.