Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines dinner

Salmon with cauliflower puree
Baked wild sockeye salmon that I marinated for 20min. in Tj's teriyaki sauce, some garlic flakes and red pepper flakes.
I topped the salmon with sliced onions and lemon, and sprinkled some dill on top. I baked it for about 15 min.

Once it was finished cooking I topped it with some diced mango and pear. I also made a cauliflower puree for the first time, from a recipe that I got with my produce delivery. I've heard that you can use cauliflower as a potato substitute and make mashed potatoes. Jeff and I both didn't care for the taste or texture. We also each had half of a whole wheat great harvest roll, these are the softest best rolls I've ever had. I forgot the rolls in the oven and the tops got burnt, that's why we had half's, but I usually only have half anyway.

* When you buy seafood make sure you always buy wild and not farm raised. The farm raised seafood is fattier, because the fish is just eating all the time to fatten them up faster.

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