Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday's are my favorite workout

Today's workout: Wednesday's are my favorite workout day. I plan my life around my Wednesday workout. Today I did resistance training, working my back and biceps, and than hit my two favorite classes. It started off with 30min. of dancers workout, which consists of pilates and ballet. We do a lot of exercises to work the abs and legs. It's a tough workout and you really feel your muscles working. Than for cardio I took another class, kickboxing. It's 60min of a fast paced choreographed boxing and dancing class. We also work in a lot of intervals, sprints, and plyometrics. Wednesday are my days to really work the abs and legs. It's definitely a total body workout day.

Dinner tonight: I got home and had very little time to get dinner on the table. We eat dinner by 5pm every night so that we aren't eating too late, and so our dinner has enough time to digest.

So I revamped last nights dinner and added a salad with broccoli and roasted spiced nuts. The recipe for the spiced nuts will be coming soon. The nuts really pull the salad together.

I have an intense workout coming tomorrow, check back tomorrow for the recap.

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