Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life changing thoughts

Journey part 3
Life is a constant journey. Filled with changes, tough times, growth, and learning opportunities. I have definitely had my fair share of them this past year. Lately I have been working more on my inner health as well as my outer health. Focusing on how my thoughts translate into actions in my life, both positive and negative. I've always believed that in order to be truly happy you have to have all parts of yourself focused on improving and developing.

I've always believed that the attitude you have affects those around you as well as your own life. Positive people usually surround themselves with other positive people. People that look at the world and see all the amazing things in it and work to achieve those things. Those with a negative outlook usually are stuck in that outlook and surround themselves with people who feed into that perspective. Often feeling that the world has been unfair to them.

I also believe that the thoughts and actions you project into the world are reflected back into your life. Recently I have begun to learn so much more on how this is so true. It's amazing how every thought you have can determine your day as well as your future. It's incredible what can happen when you create a mind set of looking on the brighter side of things, staying positive, and re enforcing within yourself what you want and deserve in your life.

I've found some good resources that I'm using to dig deeper into this subject and I'm learning a lot of life changing information. I always had a positive half full kind of attitude but this information takes it to a new level. Re affirming what I already believed in as well as developing the theory of "what you think is what is reflected back into your life".

As I learn and develop more on this subject I will share some of my key learning's with you. I have started by creating a list made up of the characteristics of what I would like in life and what I'm looking for in a partner to share in that life. It is a constant involving and changing list, as I grow and develop and fine tune what those things are that I desire in life. As part of directing my inner thoughts I look at the list daily as well as think about those things that I desire and channel those thoughts into the universe. Even in just a few weeks I can see a difference in how I feel inside and my outlook on life, it's been pretty amazing.


  1. This is such a great post girl. :) Truly incredible.

  2. just found our blog, and love this post!! I totally agree, your thoughts and your outlook on life really can change your life. You might enjoy reading the book, 'Spark'. How exercise effects the brain. So interesting!! Have a great weekend!

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