Sunday, April 10, 2011

Muffin breakfast bake

Everyone seems to making these breakfast bakes lately, like Ashley and Kath. Especially the buckwheat variety.
I knew this was something that I wanted to try and the ingredient list looked very simple to make. When I pulled out my little ramekin from the oven it smelled just like banana bread, yum.
I'm not a big fan of buckwheat flour, I find it too dense. So I tried mine with some spelt flour and a little bit of muesli added for some texture.
Unfortunately mine came out a little too dense in texture. It needs a little tweaking before coming up with the winning recipe. I would like to try using oat flour or maybe even adding some almond flour next time.
My little bake had half of a banana mixed into the dough and surprise in the middle of blueberries. Topped off with almond flax nut butter, coconut, and a few dark chocolate chips for a Sunday treat.


  1. looks delicious! I just started reading about these breakfast bakes today...have to try for myself!

  2. Really looking great I would love to taste it. Is it sweet or spicy. I am interested to know it's recipe.