Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super bowl time

After a lazy morning I headed to the gym to workout. I wasn't very motivated and I wouldn't call it my favorite workout, but I got it done.

In the afternoon I did a little baking, recipe to come soon.

I walked to the store today and picked up some pre game snacks along with a few things for dinner. I love being able to walk to so many things in my neighborhood. It was an hour before the game started so it was super busy at the store. Pre game snacks were some Food should taste good jalapeno chips and some tequila lime salsa. Both were tasty and I ate way too much salsa. My salsa to chip ratio was definitely very heavy on the salsa.

As you can see this little guy wanted some too.

I had planned on making mini pizza's for dinner in celebration of the super bowl. But when the time came I was feeling lazy and I had eaten too much chips and salsa. I kept it simple with an egg white, reduced fat cheddar cheese, and spinach omelet. Topped with some more of that yummy salsa. Paired with some Tj's grapes, which are awesome, nice and crisp. Along with a little bowl of Quaker squares. But I was too full to eat the cereal.

Love the super bowl half time, the best one I've seen in years and with two of my favorite performers.

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