Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunny but not warn

The sun was shinning bright today and I knew it was a good day for a bike ride. I hurried home after work, threw on some workout clothes, added extra layers, and set out.

I traveled pass the river.

By the park, that was empty because it was so cold.

And looped through historic downtown. All in all it was a good ride but a little on the chilly side. I'm longing for the nice warm summer rides, but it's still nice to get out and ride the roads.


  1. looks like a beautiful day! It's was really sunny here too, but there's no way it's still light out when I get to leave work. Glad you were able to enjoy a nice ride!

  2. I love sunny days but I can't wait till the weather is warmer to match the sunny days lol! Looks like a perfect day for a ride!