Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Almost gone

I'm almost out of the worlds best applesauce. I love this stuff, seriously it is the best applesauce. That would be because it took 22 apples and only 2 cups of water to make two jars worth. What's a girl to do but start peeling apples and make my own once this jar is finished.

I enjoyed my bowl of quick cook oats so much the other day I decided to have it again. I added 2 TB. of whole wheat farina hot cereal to add a nice texture.
Topped off with a big scoop of that applesauce warmed up and a smidge of coconut on top.

And for a little crunch topped with some Tj's low fat mixed berry granola.

I have a busy day planned today with a full morning of work, followed by a trip to the gym, and then shopping and a dinner date with a friend tonight. Great way to breakup the week and have a little fun.

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