Monday, December 27, 2010

So little time

Some nights your just pressed for time and haven't put any thought into dinner. Well tonight was one of those nights. I am in need of groceries in a serious way. So tonight I had to pull it all together in order to make something for dinner.

Dinner was a toasted slice of whole wheat bread with an egg white patty on top. Topped with some arugula, cheese, barbecue sauce, a Chez Gourmet veggie burger, and more barbecue sauce.

It may look strange but it was actually really good and served it's purpose.

After dinner I enjoyed a cup of Celestial Seasonings berry zinger herbal tea.

Now it's time to go catch up on some chores and find a little time for some rest and relaxing.


  1. Loved your dinner!
    It looks so delish :D

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting about dinner in a time crunch!! I am ALWAYS on the go and so often get home later than I would like...this sounds and looks amazing and I will most DEFINITELY be trying this asap!!
    So glad I found your blog! Follow mine if you'd like!!

  3. Love herbal tea at of my favorites!!

  4. Your dinner looks like a face, it's cute.