Saturday, December 4, 2010

On my mind

I spent the afternoon Christmas shopping with a friend and enjoying the very cold but beautiful day. After parting ways I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few groceries on my way home.

Even before I got to the grocery store I had been craving a chicken burrito from a local Aztec Mexican restaurant. The restuarant has only been open a short while, and I have only been there once, but I had the best burrito last time. Everything is fresh, healthy, and handmade. They have the most amazing vegetarian refried beans to. It was on my mind all afternoon to stop and get some take out for dinner.

But after fighting traffic all afternoon and all the shoppers I just couldn't take anymore driving.

So while at Tj's I decided to get my own makings for a Mexican dinner. I picked up some vegetarian refried beans, a jar of spicy black bean dip, baked blue corn chips, and a red bell pepper.

I mixed the refried beans with the spicy black bean dip and it was out of this world. It took those plain refried beans and turned it into something spectacular.

I spread the beans on a whole wheat flat bread and made a little tasting plate. On top was a little spicy hummus and diced red pepper along with on the side some lettuce and tortilla chips.

I realized after I got home that I forgot the salsa, I was heart broken. I feel that salsa just makes a Mexican meal. I wasn't sure how to eat this meal without it. But the spicy black bean dip added the right amount of spice and flavor to pull it all together.


  1. I agree salsa makes it, but this looks really fresh and tasty. (you'd probably pay $5.50 for this at a mexican place! lol)

  2. Christmas shopping would be so much easier if we could just have the stores and the roads all to ourselves.