Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Go go go

I made it to the gym today and my energy was back and I was feeling good. I did a full body workout and really focused on working my leg muscles. I finished with 40 min. on the stairs, I'm sure my legs will be thanking me tomorrow.

Life has just been so busy lately that dinner was another simple and quick meal, yet very delicious. I whipped up some quinoa with a little Italian seasoning for an extra layer of flavor. Topped with leftover Seeds of change tomato sauce and some Tj's sun dried tomato chicken meatballs.

I'm in need of some groceries and especially some veggies. So tonight I had another boring salad with dinner just to get those leafy greens in.

I think my bowl was a little too small. But dinner was sure tasty none the less. Oh I think I see a little meatball trying to escape.

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