Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Enjoying the season

Who cares about dinner this week, it's all about holiday treats. Although one should still consume a balanced meal during these times of holiday cheer. Moving on to the good stuff. My next cookie that I made last Sunday was a Seven layer bar. I picked the recipe up from a local health food store, except these aren't exactly healthy. But they are lighter then the original seven layer bar recipes out there.

You can click on the recipe for details.

Before baking it was all gooey, sticky, and delicious.

And after baking it was a chocolate chip coconut heaven in a pan.

I sliced it into bars and popped it into the freezer for Christmas. I can't wait to try these one's, okay I already tried it. But I will take more, they are amazing.

Tips for staying healthy and stress free this week.
Just the usual tips, eat a balanced healthy meal. Eat a healthy snack before going to a party so you are not starving. Pace yourself, you don't have to stuff your face and feel uncomfortable. A little bite of this and that is probably enough, especially if you have a bite of everything. Make sure you continue your workouts, I myself have been to the gym everyday this week. Also take some time for yourself and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

Just relax and enjoy the season.

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