Saturday, November 13, 2010

Take and heat

After a long and busy day at work I drove to the gym to workout. Everything was telling me not to go except for my body. The weather was crappy and I was tired from work. But my body felt recovered after yesterday's rest day. I knew once I got there I would be happy I went.

Once I was at the gym and those endorphins kicked in I was happy to be there. I did a full body workout and finished with 30 min. on the spinning bike.

Hello leftovers from the parent's house. I stopped off at my parent's house last night and just when I got there coming out of the oven was Tj's vegetarian multi grain lasagna. I had already eaten dinner so mom sent me home with dinner for tonight.

She also sent me home with some fresh pineapple, yes freshly cut from a real pineapple. I diced up a chunk and put it on top of some mixed greens with a little lemon goddess dressing.

I highly recommend this lasagna, it's amazing and tastes homemade. No mom ever let's there kids go hungry.


  1. you can count the layers in the lasagna!!! <3

  2. No matter what the age our "kids" are, or whether we make the meal or buy it, Mom's always have the need to feed their kids.

  3. I've had that lasagna, it's really good.