Monday, October 4, 2010

Taco Monday

The last couple days my body has just needed a little extra rest and recovery. So today I took an extra rest day today from working out.

It's Mexican night, a great way to start the week.

I used some of these black beans and it was so good. I couldn't stop eating it, especially when mixed with salsa, pure heaven.

I made one burrito with ground turkey that was cooked with some taco seasoning, along with the black beans, tomato, salsa, reduced fat cheddar cheese, all rolled up in on of the best tortilla's. I picked up some whole wheat tortilla's made by a local company the other day. They were amazing and tasted fresh and handmade.

On the side I made a little taco salad. Everything was so good I went back for half a tortilla with some beans and salsa. I just love Mexican food.


  1. Leftovers would make a good lunch the next day.

  2. Good for you for listening to your body! What a dinner. I love veggie refried beans but I've never tried Amy's. putting them on my to try list for sure