Thursday, October 7, 2010

So fancy so simple

I told you the sun was going to eventually go away. Good thing I got out there and enjoyed it while it was here. I headed to the gym for today's workout. I think it's important to keep your workouts fresh and different so you stay motivated and your body has to keep guessing.

I started with 15 min. on the spinning bike followed by an upper body resistance workout. My shoulder is feeling much better today. I did a lot of stretching in between sets and used less reps and less resistance today. I finished with 30 min. on the dreaded stairs, it's a love hate relationship, that borders on hate, but my booty loves it.

Did you just think you just stepped into an upscale restaurant. Well keep going maybe you just did.

It definitely was a 5 star A+ meal.

I made a toasted open faced chicken sandwich on a slice of rustic whole wheat Levin with a bed of arugula and spinach. Sounds delicious and fancy huh. Well it was super easy to make and only took maybe 10 min. at the most.

In the oven under the broiler I toasted one slice of Tj's whole wheat Levin bread on each side until it was golden brown. I then topped it with a wedge of sun dried mozzarella laughing cow cheese, some Applegate farms roasted chicken, basil, oregano, and thinly sliced scallion. Topped with some reduced fat Monterrey jack cheese and some Parmesano reggiano. I put it back under the broiler for a few more minutes.

For the greens I mixed some arugula and spinach with a little drizzle of Annie's Tuscany Italian.

The Applegate roasted chicken was by far the BEST deli meat I have ever had. I have had a few other brands from Whole Foods, but this one is AMAZING.


  1. Applegate has amazing deli meat! The smoked turkey breast is excellent too, if you are a tan of turkey. I love love love arugula--one of my favorite ways to have it is with cherry tomatoes and some slices of fresh parmesan cheese. Yum!

  2. Glad you got in a nice workout and a fabulous looking dinner. Open face type sandwiches rock. Especially when they're all toasted up. Happy Friday!

  3. That looks amazing. I'm giving it a try.