Thursday, October 28, 2010

All roasty and toasty

I just couldn't take it, not one more day at the stuffy under construction gym. I came home after work and did a bootcamp style workout. I started with 20 min. on my spinning bike, followed by some upper body resistance training with interval sprints in between sets. I finished with 20 min. back on the bike. I forgot how much I love bootcamp workouts. I love the variety and all the crazy moves I could only do in the comfort and disguise of my own home.

These two guys have been staring at me sitting on the counter all week. Tonight I put them to use in one of my famous cut it up and roast it all in the oven meals.

I sliced up the sweet potato, some Applegate farms spinach feta chicken sausage, and a carnival squash (similar to an acorn squash). I roasted the squash with some olive oil, cinnamon, and sucanant sugar.

Everything was so good, especially the chicken sausage. I love meals like this when you just put it all on a tray and let it cook away in the oven. It really helps free up my time to do other things.

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