Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Accident, it happened

This morning was a circuit workout, nothing too exciting. I started with 15 min. on the spinning bike followed chest, back, and shoulders. Then it was another 10 min. on the bike followed by biceps and triceps. I finished with 20 min. back on the bike.
Afternoon fun

It was the most gorgeous afternoon today, the sun came out of nowhere. I seized the day and when I got home from work I changed my clothes and jumped on my bike. I had originally planned to ride to the farmers market that's only about 2-3 miles away. But I found out it was over for the season. Since it was rush hour I stayed close to home and road around the safer areas for about 40 min. just enjoying the day.

I had an accident, that would be my ankle.

At the very end of my ride I was waiting to cross the street to my long driveway when it happened. When I went to stop one foot came out of the pedal strap but the other just didn't move as quickly as it should have, I got hung up. In that instant I knew it would happen. Down on my side I went RIGHT as a car drove past me, and RIGHT in front of my friend/neighbors house, hopefully he didn't see me. I picked myself up, after giving myself a pep talk while I was pulling myself together. I road down to my house and once inside I surveyed the damage.

I had a bike chain grease mark down one leg, a bruised skinned greasy ankle, and a strained shoulder. I will survive, it was bound to happen sometime. The bike ride was so fun and leisurely that it was worth it.

Once done surveying my injuries it was time for dinner. Who knew leftovers could become a new and delicious meal, I did!

I made a taco salad with some homemade baked tortilla chips on the side. Before leaving on my ride I quartered some whole wheat tortilla's, seasoned them, and baked them for 15 min. They were SO GOOD, I couldn't stop eating them. I had to package the extra up so I wouldn't eat them all.

While enjoying dinner I did some catching up on the local papers FOODDAY section that comes out every Tuesday. FOODDAY usually features a lot of local chefs, farmers, and restaurants, and usually has interesting articles and recipes.

I also enjoyed a mocktail with dinner of sparkling lime water, I felt I deserved it.


  1. Yikes, scary!

    Glad you're ok though. :)

  2. Oh my goodness. You be careful out there!

  3. Your ankle looks really puffed up. Take care of yourself.