Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Noodle night

This morning I was up early and boy it was hard after 6 days of sleeping in. I started with 20 min. on the spinning bike to get my body back in gear after 3 days off from working out. I then did an upper body workout and finished with 30 min. back on the bike.

I have been wanting to make spicy noodles for a while now and just haven't gotten around to it, I decided it was time. I had put a lot of thought into the ingredients that would go in to it, from the noodles, to the veggies, to the tofu. But I didn't think about the sauce, that was a mistake. I used a bunch of ingredients I already had and begun making spicy noodles.

Spicy Asian noodles
1 package whole wheat cannellini pasta cooked per instructions
diced carrots, red pepper, and cucumber with the seeds removed so it doesn't get soggy.
1 package diced tofu
sauce (nothing was measured, just add and taste)
light soy sauce
sweet chili sauce
rice vinegar
sesame oil
chili flakes
1 lime juice
chopped green onions
mix together
mix everything together and chill until it's room temp about 10-15 min.

It was good, but not great. I wanna try this one again. The sauce and the tofu need some work.


  1. I made this a while back and added chicken. I used close to the same ingredients for the sauce but added just a splash of some Thai peanut sauce that we had in the fridge.It was great!

  2. I'm thinking I should use chicken next time and play around with the sauce.