Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kitchen project

This morning was kickboxing and dancers workout, which both were really tough on the booty and abs today. The instructor also announced she is a few months pregnant. She is still able to pretty much do everything we can, but when she can't, somehow I have become the demonstrator. I attend class every week and always stand in the front, so it's fine with me if I'm the assistant, it's kinda fun.

I'm on a mission today with a kitchen project in mind, so everyone better move out of the way. My first mission was a stop at Bob Red Mills main store.

I loaded up on LOTS of bulk items along with a 25 pound bag of quick oats and a 25 pound bag of regular oats. I know it sounds like a crazy amount of oats for two people, but when put in proper storage container's it usually lasts us about 4-5 months, and it is much more economic.

You will have to wait until tonight to see the finished project, but it should make my kitchen look beautiful and my life simpler.


  1. You should at least get a bulk discount, and, you're a great advertising rep for them. Those of us locals are very proud of Bob's Red Mill, both for their commitment to healthy eating and the commitment to the town of Milwaukie, OR

  2. I've seen Bob's items in the store. I never knew they were Oregon grown.