Thursday, September 30, 2010

Change of plans

I had a change of plans this morning. The sun was shinning bright, the sky was blue, and my upper body muscles were sore. Every reason to skip the gym and go for a run.

I haven't gone running in weeks, ever since I got my new cycle bike.

I started with a good pace and my body felt really good. It was one of the best runs that I have had all summer. I was just really feeling it today. The thing I love most about running is that its my form of meditation. It gives me that time to just run and think about all kinds of things. I come back refreshed and renewed.

I ran about 7 miles, towards the end my abs, quads, and glutes were screaming at me that they were done.

Upon returning home I did some much needed stretching, re hydrated, showered, and now I'm enjoying lunch.