Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beautiful day

It's such a beautiful day, 80 degrees and sunny. I hopped on the bike after have a leisurely morning and set out on my 8 mile running route. I have gotten a lot better since yesterday with riding straighter, keeping my bike on the white line, and riding with traffic.

After only a mile into the ride I realized that my legs were a little tired from yesterday's 4 mile ride and my butt was definitely sore.

I did the 8 miles plus some and loved it. Running that route is a lot harder then riding a bike, but remember I'm keeping the bike riding as recreational with no expectations. There was a lot of runners, walkers, and other cyclists out this morning.

Upon arriving home I realized that my helmet created some red spots on my forehead and chin. I guess my head needs to get used to the helmet.

Now I'm relaxing a bit and re hydrating before showering and heading to the store for some dinner supplies.


  1. Looks like it up a couple dents in your head. Guess that's better than the dent a car could make without one.

  2. Somehow for me cycling is harder than running! Is that odd? I've only biked my normal running route once but it was not a fun experience!