Thursday, August 5, 2010

Veggie mania

This mornings workout was a little mix of everything rolled up into a bootcamp workout. I started with 30 min. on the spinning bike followed by 30 more min. of resistance training, kickboxing, and plyometrics. It turned out to be a really good workout and a really tough workout. I finished with some yoga, the yoga I have been trying to find time to do for weeks. It felt good to get in a few minutes.

For dinner I had the best veggie burger ever. It's one of my new favorites, ever since I had a sample of it at Whole Foods. Now I always make sure I have a box or two in the freezer at all times for back up meals. The company is Chez Gourmet and this veggie burger was the wild harvest, I also have the mushroom.

I topped the burger with a sliced organic tomato, some feta, and some hummus. On the side was a sliced organic cucumber and a purple carrot. I dipped both in the hummus and all the veggies were from today's delivery.

I also had some leftover lentil soup.

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