Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The time has come

I've waited so long for this moment. I have anticipated it and I would day dream about it and all the possibilities. I wanted it so badly and today at 3pm it came, my vacation. I was so ready for it. I could feel it in my weary body for the last few days and especially today. Also around 3pm came my sore muscles. Yesterday's and today's workout's caught up to me and gave me that little message to let me know that I had worked out hard.
This morning I was up early (for the last time for the next 6 days), and worked out. I did a circuit training workout starting with 15 min. on the spinning bike followed by chest, back, and shoulders. Then I was back on the bike for 10 min. and once again back off the bike for biceps and triceps. I finished up with 20 min. on the bike. Circuit workouts are so fast paced and so hard.

To celebrate my first lazy night I made a Chez Gourmet veggie harvest burger. I topped it with a little herb laughing cow, along with an egg and egg white omelet, some lettuce (for a veggie), and some feta. Strange combo I know, but it's so good. The lettuce was definitely strange with the egg, but it worked out okay. I had half of a very ripe peach on the side.

It's not the most pretty egg due to it sticking to the pan, ugh, but it was good.


  1. Nice dinner! I think it looks good!!! Enjoy your vacation!!!

  2. Gfriend! Did you miss on my post that you won my giveaway?????? Email me!