Sunday, August 1, 2010

Second time around

Tonight's theme was to use leftovers and keep it simple.

I used the other half of the ground turkey taco mix from the other night (I saved half of the batch to be used in a second meal). I toasted some Great Harvest whole grain gusto in the oven on both sides and topped it with some Tj's spicy hummus. On top of the hummus I added the turkey mix. In a sauce pan I warmed up some diced tomatoes from the other night along with some salt, pepper, and red chili flakes. I then added the tomatoes to the blender along with some sun dried tomatoes. Once pureed I added that on top of the ground turkey and topped it with some reduced fat cheddar cheese.

Along with some cherries.

My piece was the heel of the loaf. Usually I don't prefer the heal, who does, but this one was nice and thick and soft. It just looked so good, and it was.

And topped with some romaine lettuce for a nice dark leafy green.

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