Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pure comfort

The Lululemon top was so comfortable during kickboxing today. I sometimes feel like other expensive tops can get a little uncomfortable, and make me feel like I'm being smothered when I start sweating buckets. Not this one, it stayed in place and didn't get uncomfortable and absorbed the sweat really well, which is very important.

I'm officially hooked, if it lasts a long time and doesn't fade then it may be worth the price tag. I must get a pair of pants and try them out.

By the way I kept up pretty well in class today and it was like I never even missed a class. Next week we start the new round and I will be ready for sure.

After I came home and showered I made lunch. I had a leftover Tj's chili lime chicken burger on top of a whole wheat flatbread spread with herb laughing cow. I topped the burger with some salsa, red pepper, and mixed greens.

I also had a few chips and crackers that were leftover from Friday's party.

It's mix of baked chips, Kashi crackers, Food for life Jalapeno chips, and some multi grain chips.

1 comment:

  1. What an adorable top! Very flattering. Lulu's stuff always is ;)