Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday relaxing

Saturday date night.

Last night we had date night but I forgot my camera. We went to a new restaurant in the area, Agave Grill.
I had the burrito with chicken, minus the queso, and with vegetarian beans. When we sat down they explained that they make everything from scratch and from the freshest ingredients. The vegetarian beans were so good, actually everything was. You could tell that everything was fresh and made from real food. I ate half of my burrito, all of the beans, and all of the marinated veggies that came with it. I loved the marinated cold veggies, it was a mix of cauliflower, carrots, and jalapenos. I should try to make it at home.

Sunday Breakfast

I have been waiting for today to make Kodiak cakes. I made just a single serving and watered the mix down too much. They were thin and didn't hold the frozen mixed berries and dark chocolate chips very well. But they were actually very tasty. I think they would be good made into a crepe. I topped the pancakes with a little drizzle of coconut butter and pure maple syrup. I also had some egg whites with a little dill, reduced fat cheddar cheese on top, and a dollop of ketchup.

The perfect Sunday breakfast enjoyed with a cup of tea and some fresh outdoor air.

Thomas watched me and wished he could come out to join me, but he's an inside cat.

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  1. Your breakfast looks yummy!!! Poor Thomas!!!