Sunday, August 15, 2010

The theme for the shower was nautical. The baby's parent's lived on the east coast in Boston for a number of years and the baby's father also grew up in Maine. So it was only fitting that the baby's room will be fit for a sailing baby.

I made a diaper cake that was pretty easy to make and will help the parents prepare for diaper duty.

I made swag bags that included some homemade baby blueberry granola, granola bars, tea, and coffee. I wanted to make gift bags that weren't full of useless junk, such as baby bottles filled with candy.

For the decorations I used baby clothes and toys to decorate and after the party it became my gift to the baby. It was economically better and also better for the environment. We had very little trash after the party. It was also so cute and more personable then all those paper decorations.

We also decorated little onesis. I'm not into sitting around in a circle playing games at parties. I just wanted a fun, low key party, where people could mingle, make a craft project for the baby, and have fun. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

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  1. Wow, what great ideas. It looks really cute. And healthy food? Sounds much better than a frosting heaped cake and mints.