Wednesday, July 28, 2010

After workout re fueling

Class was definitely hard this morning. After dancers workout my abs and legs were burning, in a good way. The you're going to be so sore tomorrow kind of way.

Turbo kickboxing was a mix of old and new rounds. We went old school and did round 17, 21, and 32. Along with some newer 40 and 41, round 21 was so fun.

Lunch is served.
A nice salad with a big glass of water to rehydrate after my intense workout this morning.

Mixed greens topped with two carrots cut into chunks, sun dried tomato, feta, and Tj's spicy hummus. Paired with Kashi crackers.

Along with a turkey roll up.
This little roll up is a good source of protein. In the roll is some all natural turkey with a slice of Havarti light cheese.

Full of crunch and a mix of colorful nutrients.

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