Thursday, June 10, 2010

Delivery day

After work I headed to the gym for an upper body workout with some heavy weights, I mean heavy. Followed by 50 min. on the stairs, I was a sweaty mess after that's how hard I worked. When I drove up the driveway I had this little box waiting for me that I was expecting.

The gift of fruits and veggies, well the gift that I paid for myself.

Loaded with a good selection, even better then what there website said I was getting this week. I really do enjoy my every two week's delivery of organic and local produce. It is the best quality of fruits and veggies.

And now my fruit bowl is loaded back up. I just have to wait for some of it to ripen.


  1. That is some gorgeous produce right there! And there is nothing wrong with a gift you paid for yourself- organic produce is DEFINITELY a gift that you (that everyone!) deserve.

  2. What size box is that and how often is the delivery?

  3. It comes to my house every two weeks. But you can pick every week, two weeks, or month. Along with the size you would like such as single, couple, or family.