Saturday, May 15, 2010

Running far and safe

I just got back from a morning run on a beautiful blue sky day. I even went for 8 miles. I haven't done 8 miles since last summer, which used to be my running average. But since I take the winters off, due to the rain and me being whimpy, and not wanting to be soaking wet. I felt great after the 8 miles, I've been doing 5 miles for the past 2 months and just couldn't seem to push past that. Now that I have, I can move on to training for my half marathon this summer.

Angela at Oh she glow's had a scary running encounter yesterday. You can check out the story on her blog. She is all well today, but it made me think about my own safety when running.

I always let Jeff know when I''m leaving and when I'll be back.
I always run with confidence and being aware of my surroundings.
I always cross the road if someone is on the side of the road in a car, for fear they could pull me in.
I always pick up the speed if a car slows down, or something doesn't feel right.
I always run in daylight.

Today I used my running belt for the first time since Jeff got it for me for Christmas.
I took my cell phone with me for extra safety.

I also had some water with me so I could stay hydrated.

Any running tips that anyone else has for keeping safe?

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